Marcus Garvey and Hitler


One of the topics that I address in my writings on Marcus Garvey were the allegations that Garvey was a race fanatic akin to Adolf Hitler or the KKK. Although Garvey did preach a form of racial nationalism, which included denouncing miscegenation and upholding a belief in racial purity, Garvey was also a very strong critic of racism in Europe. The first article is a piece written by C.L.R. James in 1940 in which James accuses Garvey of being a race fanatic and compares Garvey to Adolf Hitler. James, who was one of Garvey’s strongest black critics, presents a very overly simplified and misleading view of Garvey’s views on race.

The second article is a piece by Francine M. King which details Garvey’s critical views of fascism. This second piece demonstrates that Garvey, though a racial nationalist, was also very critical of Hitler’s persecution of Jews in Germany.

James Garvey

Garvey Hitler

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